Dawn Z Bournand

Founder of The Women of Success


Dawn Z Bournand is a business and life coach, speaker, bestselling author and radio show host working with clients around the world to help them create a business and lifestyle that not only supports their unique definition of Success but that is also deeply fulfilling. An American living in Paris, an international entrepreneur and a highly grateful mother to her three sons, Dawn is living her dream and wants to inspire you to do the same. She believes that if you are not living a life you love, a life that fills you up and brings you joy, perhaps it is time to make a change. To learn more about Dawn, her coaching company,Fabulously Successful, and how to gain the support, motivation and success you are looking for, simply go to: www.dawnzbournand.com

The Women of Success

Made in Paris, Created for the World


The Women of Success (TWS) is a network of professional women created by business and life coach Dawn Z Bournand (founder of Fabulously Successful).  Originally started as a MeetUp for professional women in Paris, it became clear that as the group grew, this was meant for more than just one city, it was an idea worth sharing with the world.  Together we offer valuable peer support, share tips, tools and techniques for creating a fulfilling life and business and offer opportunities to help each other grow professionally and personally.  If you are not yet a member, come join us and be a part of this dynamic community!

Profile Pages

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The Women of Success Profile Pages

All official members are featured in The Women of Success Profile Pages.  Through the profiles you can learn more about each of our members, find out more about their services and/or products and learn if they are currently offering an affiliate program or are open to joint venture opportunities. You can also find links to their personal sites and/or social media pages to learn more about each member. Featured by career, lifestyle and business categories, you can easily find members to work or partner with .  If you would like to have your own member profile, simply check out our TWS membership options.  We would love to have you join us!

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